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Medical Advantages of Using Nicotine Gum

Describing smoking merely as an epidemic would be an understatement. In its true sense, smoking is actually one of the most disturbing causes of disease that the modern world has to put up with. Smoking is a vice that the majority of the global population has sadly fallen a prey to.

Everyone is well aware of the irrefutable fact that smoking leads to some serious health issues and has countless side effects. What smokers usually have no knowledge of is that the smoke of the cigarette has about 4000 chemical compounds. Out of these, 200 have been found to be poisonous and around 60 have been recognized as carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that can cause or trigger the growth of cancer.

With the easy availability of so many tobacco products, a lot of individuals are surrendering to it. The good news is that a recent poll showed that when Americans who smoke were asked if they would like to give up the habit, seventy-four percent said responded affirmatively. In addition, 67 percent of the smokers also accepted that they are addicted to cigarettes. This realization can be termed as the first step to quitting smoking.

It is quite encouraging that more and more individuals are coming to terms with all the detrimental side-effects of smoking and wish to resort to a healthier lifestyle by giving it up for good. Out of the multitude of products you can opt to quit smoking, what emerges as a viable solution is the nicotine gum.

Nicotine gum is a medication that plays a vital role in Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It is not actually the cigarette that the smoker is addicted to but the nicotine in the cigarette instead. When one quits smoking, the nicotine levels in the smokerís body start dropping. As a result, the smoker starts craving for cigarettes and may also exhibit nervousness, nausea, weight gain, headache etc. To avoid such and many other side-effects, nicotine gum is the key.

What can make nicotine gum all the more helpful in your anti-smoking campaign is that it promises you a number of medical benefits. While nicotine is not a completely harmless drug, with nicotine gum, you can significantly reduce your intake of the chemical substance. They are also a vast help in quitting smoking as they provide a steady supply of nicotine to the body.

Nicotine gums do not have any carcinogens, hence, with them, you significantly decrease your possibilities for getting cancer. Nicotine gums also do not give off any fumes that jeopardize your health. While research continues about the threatening effects of smoking, it is still not easy to fully comprehend the extent of the damage. Smoking also leads to a damaged heart, hence increasing oneís chances of getting a stroke. Especially, if you are a heart patient, nicotine gum can help you avoid it. In addition, with nicotine gum you can also prevent any menacing lung diseases.

Remember, a healthy life is a happy life and nicotine gum can be your partner on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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