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Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking in New York

Any habit that becomes an addiction is hazardous in nature but nothing even comes close to the way smoking influences oneís life. Not only is smoking catastrophic, the irony of the situation is that it is one of the most difficult habits to overcome.

Smoking addiction can simply be defined as an individualís inability to quit smoking. The smoker finds cigarettes so irresistible and craves for it to the extent that he finds quitting smoking next to impossible. In addition to all the multitude of ways it sabotages oneís health, what is usually not given much thought is the way smoking affects you financially.

In a state like New York, where the use of alcohol and other elicit substances is quite common, smoking is commonly observed. Smoking is something that can influence your financial situation potentially and given the global economic crisis that the entire world is facing, every single penny you can save while living in a state like New York accounts to something.

According to recent statistics, the cost of one packet of cigarettes is roughly about $11. Using this approximate value, this means that if a smoker consumes half a pack each day, he is actually spending around $165 on smoking per month. This makes the amount spent annually around $1980, a pretty expensive addiction indeed that has an alarmingly growing number of New Yorkers falling prey to it.

Smoking is addictive and a viable solution that you can consider to quit smoking is nicotine based chewing gum. The best part about nicotine gum is that it is not only helping millions with quitting smoking but it is inexpensive as well. This implies that giving up smoking will not only be an endeavor at a healthy lifestyle but will also save significant amount of money.

For instance, 2mg of Nicorette gum will cost you only $95. Since this quitting schedule span a period of three months, the entire supply will cost you $284. This means that you will be able to save $70 per month alone. With Nicorette gum, your savings for the first year will fairly be $1700 and about $2000 every year after that. Simply put, ten years from now and you will have saved about $20,000 and that is quite a fortune.

Usually available in 2-milligram and 4-milligram doses, nicotine gum helps you to kiss goodbye all those health threats coupled with numerous monetary benefits. Initially smokers in New York were skeptical about the gumís ability to help them. After usage, they have been amazed at the results it delivered.

Nicotine chewing gum is your first step to a self-initiated anti-smoking program. You can increase its effectiveness by using it with a number of other quit smoking products. In any case, medical guidance is strongly recommended.

Take advantage of nicotine gum that is working wonders for New Yorkers. In short, now all you need is a little will-power and nicotine gum to give up smoking for good.

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