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Choosing the Right Strength of Gum to Use

Nicotine gum is a temporary aid meant to aid Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The body accepts the gradually decreasing supply of nicotine until it no longer needs it. Since these nicotine chewing gums are available in 2mg and 4mg doses, the question that arises is what dosage will be perfect for you? The answer is that it depends on the amount of nicotine in specific, or cigarettes in general, consumed each day.

A practical approach will be to determine if you smoke a cigarette within or after the first 30 minutes of waking up. If you long for a cigarette soon after waking up, the 4mg nicotine gum will work for you but if you do not feel the need to smoke in the first few minutes then you should go for a 2mg dose.

It can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to quit and all you can think about is the next cigarette. This is because of nicotine, the wonder factor associated to cigarettes. In fact, it is the nicotine that discourages smokers from quitting as it is highly addictive. The body gets used to the nicotine and when it does not get the usual supply, it drops the dopamine levels and the smoker feels moody and irritated.

If you are one of those who are considering quitting smoking then you need not worry as you have many others rocking in the same boat. Once a smoker comes to terms with the fact that he/she has to kick up this habit, the rest is an easy ride. All you have to do remind yourself that you have to quit smoking , no matter how long you have been smoking and how many times you have tried previously. This time you have to do it because you want to do it and do it right.

Quitting is not something that will happen miraculously. You do not get up one morning and decide not to smoke ever again. Even if you do so, it will not be long before your guard against smoking will go down. To avoid this from happening, you have to make efforts to accomplish this feat. There are a number of anti-smoking products available in the market today and with a kaleidoscope of options, it is easy to feel confused. One that can serve as a vital tool in your fight against smoking is nicotine gum.

Nicotine gum is to be taken for a recommended three month period. What it actually does is that when the body demands nicotine, the chewing gum fulfills it. This way your body not only receives a controlled amount of nicotine but can also avoid all those harmful fumes given off by cigarettes.

In spite of this, it is strongly recommended that you seek your health providerís advice to decide on a dosage appropriate for you. Consuming proper dosage is vital, otherwise you will not be able to get the desired results. In addition, you can ask your doctor if nicotine chewing gums are a healthy option for you to quit smoking cold turkey.

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